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Maximising the potential of disadvantaged/more able pupils

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Key Stage:



Vanessa Housley (Service Lead Education and Wellbeing)

Who is it for:

Leaders responsible for challenge for disadvantaged/more able pupils

What are the benefits?

Attendees will have a clearer understanding of evidence-based effective practice to improve outcomes for disadvantaged more able pupils via:

  • Academic extension
  • Curriculum enrichment
  • Personal development
  • Removal of financial barriers
  • Partnerships
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Attendees will have the opportunity to apply this learning to their own school and consider their next steps for school improvement.


  • To strengthen the identification of disadvantaged more able pupils
  • To share a whole school approach to improving outcomes for disadvantaged more able pupils
  • To share a range of evidence-based strategies which can support more able disadvantaged pupils effectively

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