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Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

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Key Stage: Primary/ Secondary

Tutors: Judith Robson

Who is it for? Teaching Assistants

What is the HLTA Preparation Course?

This is a three-day programme which prepares candidates to be assessed against the national HLTA standards, leading to the award of HLTA status. Delivery will involve some peer review and interaction with other candidates. It is intended for teaching assistants who are already demonstrating high levels of capability and who are seeking to develop themselves professionally. It focuses specifically on how to present evidence of current practice to meet the national standards. These standards can be found on the HLTA National Assessment Partnership website (opens in new tab)

Who is eligible for the programme?

To be eligible for the programme and for HLTA assessment, applicants must:
● be employed in a school
● have the full support of their headteacher
● attend all mandatory sessions of the course
● have appropriate level 2 qualifications in English and maths (these are normally GCSE grade C and above or Adult Literacy and Numeracy level 2). Full details of acceptable qualifications can be found on the Annex 6 Guidance Standard 11 (opens in new tab) or by contacting HLTA.

What is the format of the assessment?

The assessment comprises a half day assessment of the candidate by an experienced HLTA assessor. During the assessment, the assessor speaks to the candidate, to colleagues and to the headteacher (or another member of the leadership team). The assessor spends time looking at the portfolio of evidence. There is no observation and assessors do not visit classrooms. The assessment normally takes place about 6-8 weeks after the final day of the course. Assessments are currently carried out online.

You must be able to attend all sessions to complete the course in Full.

  • Session one 27th September 2022
  • Session two 1st November 2022
  • Session three 8th December 2022

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